The Best Missionary Biographies To Read

Best Missionary Biographies

Are you interested in learning about the lives of missionaries who have made a significant impact in spreading the gospel around the world? Missionary biographies are a wonderful way to gain insight into the lives and experiences of these dedicated individuals. In this article, we will explore the best missionary biographies that you should consider adding to your reading list. From tales of courage and faith to stories of overcoming challenges in the jungle, these biographies provide valuable lessons and inspiration.

What Are Missionary Biographies?

Best Missionary biographies are accounts of the lives and experiences of missionaries who have dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel and serving in different parts of the world. These biographies often recount the challenges and triumphs these individuals faced, as well as their unwavering faith and commitment to their mission.

Definition of missionary biographies:

Missionary biographies are books or written accounts that chronicle the life, work, and impact of missionaries who served in various parts of the world. They provide a detailed and personal look into the journey, struggles, and achievements of these dedicated men and women.

Why read missionary biographies?

Reading the best missionary biographies offers several benefits. First, they provide valuable insights into the mission field and the challenges faced by missionaries. These stories of faithfulness and perseverance can serve as an inspiration and encouragement for individuals who are considering or already serving in missions. Additionally, missionary biographies offer a deeper understanding of different cultures and how the gospel has impacted them. They also provide an opportunity to learn from the wisdom and experiences of those who have devoted their lives to spreading God’s word.

The Top Missionary Biographies

Gladys Aylward – A Life of Courage:

Gladys Aylward’s missionary journey in China is an incredible story of courage and determination. Against all odds, she travelled to a remote province of China and dedicated her life to helping the Chinese people. Aylward’s unwavering faith and commitment to her mission make her biography a must-read for anyone interested in missionary stories.

Bruchko – Overcoming Challenges in the Jungle:

Bruchko, written by Bruce Olson, showcases his remarkable journey as a young missionary in the jungles of Ecuador. This true story recounts the challenges he faced, including living among a tribal group and learning their language and customs. Olson’s biography is a gripping account of his experiences and the transformative power of God’s love.

Hudson Taylor – A Story of Faith and Dedication:

Hudson Taylor’s missionary work in China during the 19th century is legendary. His biography sheds light on his deep faith and unwavering dedication to serving the Chinese people. This classic missionary biography is an excellent resource for understanding the challenges faced by missionaries in a foreign land.

Other Recommended Missionary Biographies

If you enjoyed reading about the best missionary biographies and want to explore more inspirational stories, there are several other recommended biographies that you can look into. “Through Gates of Splendor” by Elisabeth Elliot tells the remarkable tale of five American missionaries who were martyred in Ecuador and the enduring impact of their lives. David Livingstone, one of the most well-known missionaries in history, is the subject of “The Daring Heart of David Livingstone” by Jay Milbrandt. Another captivating biography is “Amy Carmichael Beauty for Ashes” by Iain H. Murray, which details the extraordinary life of this missionary to India. 

The Incredible True Story of Chasing the Dragon:

This missionary biography follows the life of Amy Carmichael, a missionary who served in India. Her incredible story and her dedication to rescuing young girls from temple prostitution make this biography a powerful read.

Christian Missionary Biographies Brother Yun:

Brother Yun’s biography offers a fascinating look into the life of a Chinese Christian who endured persecution and imprisonment for his faith. His unwavering commitment to sharing the gospel in the face of intense opposition is truly inspiring.

Exploring Christian Missions through the Gates of Splendor:

This biography recounts the lives of five American missionaries who were killed while trying to reach out to a remote tribe in Ecuador. The book explores their motivations, their faith, and the impact they had on the missionary movement.

Biographical Sketches Of Missionaries

Biographical sketches of missionaries provide concise yet informative accounts of their lives, highlighting their background, motivations, and accomplishments. These sketches offer valuable insight into the personal experiences and challenges faced by missionaries, shedding light on the vital work they undertake in spreading their faith and serving communities around the world.

Ida Scudder – Healing Bodies, Touching Hearts:

Ida Scudder’s biography tells the story of her remarkable work as a medical missionary in India. Her dedication to healing the sick and sharing God’s love is awe-inspiring.

Autobiography of Elisabeth Elliot – A Life Devoted to God:

Elisabeth Elliot’s autobiography offers a glimpse into her life as a missionary, widow, and writer. Her unwavering devotion to God and her inspiring experiences make this biography a must-read for anyone interested in missionary stories.

Adoniram Judson – Pioneering Missionary in Burma:

This biography tells the story of Adoniram Judson, one of America’s first missionaries. His journey to Burma and his efforts to spread the gospel in a hostile environment make for a captivating read.


Missionary biographies offer valuable perspectives into the personal and professional lives of gospel-preaching best missionary biographies. The top five biographies are “The Autobiography of George Müller,” “Through Gates of Splendor” by Elisabeth Elliot, “A Chance to Die” by Amy Carmichael, “Peace Child” by Don Richardson, and “Bruchko” by Bruce Olson. Jay Milbrandt’s biography “The Daring Heart of David Livingstone” is another suggested read.